SIS Shore


Since its creation in 1985, the research and consultancy firm SIS-Consultants has not ceased to confirm its position as a major player in its fields of historic competence thanks to its far-reaching achievements and the quality of its prime client’s rank.

For over three decades, the firm has had the honor and privilege of being the architect of dozens of digital transformation projects, allowing its clients to ensure the expected qualitative leap and to be in tune with the multiples. IT developments in the world today.

As an Engineering and Systems Company, SIS Consultants has been committed, since its creation, to make information systems its spearhead. This allowed him to accumulate an immeasurable capital of know-how in the IT field.

In the same vein, the firm created its SIS-Shore branch, dedicated exclusively to digital projects carried out on behalf of foreign clients who have chosen Morocco as the destination for their overseas outsourcing strategy.

To do this, SIS-hore capitalized on its know-how and proven methods and took care to acquire all the human and technological means necessary to best meet the expectations and needs of its customers.

Our customers and partners

Here are some references from our customers with whom we collaborate.